Friday, February 17, 2012

February Card Class, 2012

Finally I have a chance to post the cards from last Saturday's card class.  It was a fun class and different than what I usually teach.  I mainly focus on techniques but this class I taught a couple of techniques and we made cards for various holidays. 

The technique I taught was the soot technique and I loved it!!!!  I've always wanted to try this technique and thought this would be a perfect technique for the Halloween card and it was!!

The other cards we made really didn't have any techniques to them at all just cards.  We did a Mother's Day & Father's Day card but you could use them for any occasion, a Word card for Valentine's Day and a Center Fold card.

Below are photos from the days class.

Group shot of all cards

Father's Day card

My favorite soot technique and no one burnt down my house :-)

Mother's Day Card

Center fold card for Thanksgiving

Another center fold card

Word card for Valentine's Day

Second Valentine Card

Enjoy your weekend and take care...

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