Monday, May 17, 2010

Cookie Sheet Calendar

I finally finished my cookie sheet calendar!!!

I learned so much from creating this 1st one I know what I will change on the next one! 

I'm changing the background to a solid paper since the retro ads are taking away from all the goodies on the match boxes.  I will also choose a few papers for the match boxes instead of so many different patterns.  The last thing I'm going to change is the size of the month plaques to be a bit smaller.

Cookie sheet covered with retro ads

Cookie sheet with background, month plaque and days of the week on flatten bottle caps

Month plaques

Finished cookie sheet calendar

Plain background, still need work!

Ladies bring all your collectibles with you on Saturday and lets get creative!

Corset Card

A friend send me a photo of a corset card and I loved it!!!  Here is the link to the creator of this fabulous card so you can get inspired or purchase her work.

I searched the Internet for instructions on how to fold a corset and found them so I will be teaching this card in my June card class along with several other fun and unusual shaped cards.

I used a 12 X 12 sheet of designer paper for this card.  You can make them any size the smallest so for that I have made is with a 5 X 5 piece of paper to fit on the outside of a card. 

Till my next blog take care and have fun crafting...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching up with card classes

Wow I haven't blogged since March!!!  Where does time fly??? :-)

I have held 2 card classes since my last post so I'm combining April and May's classes.

April we did more techniques: Crinkle Chalk, Emerging Color, Fauz Bleach, Tri-shutter card and Spotted Background.

Crinkle chalk

Emerging color

Faux bleach

Spotted background

Tri-shutter card

May was another class of techniques: Faux Cloisonne, Drunken Chalk, Rubber Cement Resist, Acrylic Distress and a Double Pocket Card.

Faux cloisonne and Drunken chalk

Double pocket card

Rubber cement resist

Acrylic distress