Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2013 Vintage Card Class

I loved creating this months card class since I love everything vintage.  I had so many ideas that I couldn't do everything I wanted to so I'm just going to have to teach this class again to include the cards I didn't include this month.

Below are the cards we made Friday night.

group shot of all cards

Photo tint technique

close up of photo tint technique

                                                                   pretty vintage card

                                                                        gatefold card

                                                               triple stamp technique

Next class will be May 17th at the Mesa Arts Center.  Below is registration info:

Greeting Cards with a TwistThis class we will be making cards that are fun and interactive. Cards with pop-ups, moving parts, lots of folds, pockets and more; unique cards that your friends will be so impressed and ask “how did you make this?” These cards will make you smile.
Supply cost $5 to be paid at class. Please bring scissors and your favorite glue.
Room: Multi-purpose behind registration
CAW13PCW024-01 F May 17 6-9pm $23

Hope to see you in class...