Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Flowers for Saturday's Class

I finally figured out what flowers I wanted to make for Saturday's class.  I love the Lollipop Flowers and went crazy making them.  I started making a Roll Flower but didn't like the way they turned out and another flower that I wasn't getting into so I created a Fluffy Flower and went crazy making them also in a couple of different styles.

Below are photos of the Lollipop Flowers and the Fluffy Flowers I made.  Ladies we are using fire to create the Lollipop Flowers so please do not burn my house down! :0)  I will have a bucket of water near by just in case :-)

Group shot of the Lollipop Flowers

Blue flower with black bead & feather accents

Blue flower with yellow bead and yellow & blue feather accents

Black flower with black feathers and one of my Grandmothers antique jeweled buttons

Black flower with white beads & feathers

Puffy flower group shot
Puffy flower made from Sari material

Puffy flower with double layer material in 3" squares

Puffy flower in 2" rounded square in lace
I saw a flower at Joann's that was puffy looking and I examined it to see how they made it.  I used my Sizzix die cut Fun Flowers to create the first flower using sari material.  I liked the look but knew not everyone has a die cut machine so I thought I would try making one with cutting squares.  I also added mesh and doubled up the squares and this time using my hot glue gun created the double layered flower.  The next flower I used lace and this time cutting 2" squares I rounded the end once I folded the square and really liked how this one turn out; it's more flower looking with the rounded edge.
See you on Saturday...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm really behind in getting this month's craft class ready; guess it's that time of year :-)

This Saturday we will be making flowers!  I love flowers and there are so many styles out there it was difficult to pick which ones I wanted to make for this class.

I have 3 styles made and more to come so check back before Saturday to see what you will be making.

We will be using material, ribbon, paper and metal for this class and I finished the metal flowers, loopy flowers and the box pleat trim flowers and have photos below.

box pleat trim flowers: these flowers are so simple to make! 

Loopy flowers: the instructions I found said to use felt which I did on the first ones than I experimented :-)

Loopy flower using material with a flatten bottle cap center

Loopy flower using ribbon: this one was challenging I don't recommend it.  You can't use hot glue on this ribbon it's too messy.  I used score tape on the base and it worked much better.

Loopy flowers using felt

Metal flowers: love these and they are really easy to make using a Big Shot, flower die cuts, embossing folders and sanding block.

There are so many things you can do with flowers it's amazing.  You can use them on your cards, in your scrapbooks, hair accessories, on picture frames and so much more.

Next month's class will be a card technique class.  Happy Holidays...