Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Cigar Box!

What a great day today I got so much accomplished!!!  I wanted to make a few more cigar boxes for class on Saturday and created this little number. 

I love the color of this cigar box so I only covered the top with a little bit of thin trim around the sides.  The inside is simple with covering the inside lid.  I added large wooden beads on the bottom of the box and this little guy is all done.

The buttons on top I made with my melting pot and a set of molds.  I highlighted the buttons with Perfect Pearls.

The feet on the cigar box are large wooden beads and they matched the color of the cigar box perfectly, I didn't do a thing to them ;-)

The background paper on the top and inside lid is from Tim Holt's and I added a vintage belly dance theme picture.  I used the same trim on the inside as I used on the outside.

I also made 6 necklaces and a bracelet and will be posting photos soon on these beauties.

Enjoy our week...

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