Friday, June 29, 2012

Cigar Boxes

I'm so excited for tomorrow's class on creating beautiful cigar boxes!  I created 3 boxes this week, one for holding my glitter and stencils for my glitter tattoos, the second one is a cigar box purse and the last box for holding treasures with a belly dance theme; of course :-)

The first box was so much fun to create.  I printed off vintage tattoo designs and applied them to the cigar box using PVA glue.  I took "vintage photo" distress ink and distressed around the box, attached footings from Tim Holtz Idea-ology series and a drawer handle on top for easy carrying.  The hinges and front clasp were gold tone and the handle and footings are silver so I took Ranger distress inks in silver and slate and changed the box fittings to silver.  I will be creating a tray since this box is so deep for more storage of glitter, brushes, mirror, etc.  The last step I used clear gloss acrylic spray to protect all the artwork on the box inside and out.  I love the way this box turned out.

The second box I kept very simple.  The cigar box was already black and I liked the labeling that came on the box so I left it.  I purchased a purse handle from Joann's and with help from the hubby purchased some hardware to attach it to the top of the box.  I put some metal corner pieces on the top corners from Tim Holtz Idea-ology series.  I used demin material for the bottom of the box and left the sides wood that came in the cigar box.  I added wooden spools to the bottom and used 3 different distress inks to match the color of the beads in the handle.  I love Ranger distress inks they work on so many surfaces!

The last box I printed out several vintage belly dance themed art work for both the inside and outside decoration.  The cigar box was orange already so I didn't need to paint it; I lucked out :-)  I used ribbon around the cover photo and the outside of the box and added 3 coffee filter flowers I had made in the corner on the top and a metal bit from my dance inventory on the front side.  The inside I decorated the cover with more vintage dancers and some metal bits incasing it with more ribbon.  The inside bottom I covered in red velvet and along the sides.  I'll be adding my belly dance keepsakes in this box.

Below are photos of all three projects.

All 3 boxes done

Tattoo cigar box before

Tattoo cigar box before - inside

Tattoo cigar box done - front

Tattoo cigar box done - top

Tattoo cigar box done - inside

Tattoo cigar box done - side

Tattoo cigar box done - back

Tattoo cigar box done - side

Cigar box purse

Cigar box purse inside

Cigar box purse feet

Cigar box belly dance theme before

Cigar box belly dance theme done - top

Cigar box belly dance theme done - inside

Have a great weekend and a great holiday...

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