Monday, March 29, 2010

Card making Saturday

I am blessed with being surrounded by wonderful friends.  A week ago Rachel and Kelley came over to help me make belly dance cards for my dear friend Susan in Montana and to see and play with all the goodies Rachel purchased the main toy being her new Circuit machine; wow!!!

Susan wanted 3 styles of cards a reverse open card, a pinwheel card and one of my favorites a card using micro beads.

The reverse open card is not one of my favorite cards to make I need a better tool to cut the half circles with.  Once I find this new tool I'll like making these cards again.  Rachel learned a new card style and cut all the reverse cards for me! :0)  Kelley embossed all the camels for the cards this was a new technique for her.

Camel reverse card

The pinwheel cards are made with a tag punch and folding 8 tags to make the pinwheel.  That day we made a different color scheme that is what pictured.  The next day I didn't like our color choices so I made new cards and placed vintage belly dance slides in the middle of the pinwheels.  Kelley had made smaller belly dance slides on Saturday and framed the edges with micro beads.  I took these slides off the cards and made them into magnets and sent them to Susan; she loves belly dance magnets!

pinwheel card 1

pinwheel card 2

pinwheel card 3

The last cards we made on March 20th were the micro bead cards.  This card is very plain but striking; I love it!  I stamped the veiled dancer on card stock and Rachel covered the card stock with clear micro beads.  You can also cover the card stock with micro beads first and than stamp the image either way works it gives it a different look.

micro bead card

When we finished with the cards Rachel showed us all the new things she's been purchasing.  We got to play with her new Circuit machine.  I had no idea how much this machine could do I was totally amazed at all the features.

Our day was cut short when the hubby came home from working :-(  There are more Saturdays in our future for crafting :-)

Thanks ladies for all the help we need to do this again.

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