Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Purse

Finally a sample of this weekend's project is done!!!   I made this book purse using a plain book cover so I could embellish it a little. 

After several attempts I finally found fabric that was easy to work with.  The first book I did you will see at the workshop I used material that was a cotton blend and it's too heavy.  I started this book with another cotton blend fabric and ripped it out due to it being too bulky and heavy and went with this pattern fabric of a nice light weight cotton so much easier to work with.

I found this fabric at Jo Ann's in the quilting section called a "fat quarter".  I had enough for the lining, sides and center piece but not enough for a pocket.  The "fat quarter" is 18" X 21" piece of fabric and my book is 8 1/2" X 5 1/2".

I purchased a purse handle from Jo Ann's and made the flower out of scraps from the lining and a piece of lace.  I used two metal buttons, one the the purse clasp and the other for the center of the flower.

I finally found glue that would hold, Tacky Glue.  I tried other fabric blue and I didn't like the results.  I'm not a fan of a hot glue gun although I was getting pretty close to trying one :-)

All and all it turned out pretty cute and I'm sure the more I make these the easier and better I'm going to get at it.

Below of photos of this cute little purse.

Enjoy your week I'm off to make more jewelry for 2nd Friday Night Out on May 13th.

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