Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lots and Lots of Flowers - August Craft Class

We did something different for the August craft class we made 6 different style flowers and 3 projects.

This was a fun class although there was a little bit of whining about having to do a little sewing :-) The class loved the project and flowers that involved a needle and thread; thank goodness I was a little worried about these flowers.

Below are photos of the flowers and projects we made. 

Group shot of all the flowers and projects

Carnations using tissue paper

Sewing project and flowers.  A cute vintage look using felt to create a gift card holder with gathered lace to create the flower

Two different style flowers one using ribbon with news print flower and scalloped news print flowers

Roses made with scallop flower punch

Paper rosettes with envelope gift holder

My favorite project was the felt gift card holders and I see making lots of these for Christmas.

Next craft class will be on Sept. 11th.

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